Your Home Changes Like the Weather- tip of the week

This weeks Home Inspector tip of the week is to remember it is cooler and some things need to change at your home.

Reduce your Irrigationcold Phx Home Inspection

First of all remember to change the settings on your sprinkler and/or drip system. A little water can go a long way this time of year.

Talk with a landscaper or nursery about watering times and frequency.

Failing to reduce the amount of water can lead to soils swelling and causing foundation issues, fence cracks, and can also cause several other problems. I am already seeing some of the effects during Phoenix Home Inspections.

Swimming pool maintenance

Your swimming pool is also cooling down and will be using less chemicals, but you still need to clean it just as often, Brushing the pool this time of year may prevent algae from starting to grow.


There are several other home inspector tips of the week on how to maintain your home.

Feel free to check them out or check out our ACSI Home Maintenance Checklist.

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