Why have a New Home Inspection in Phoenix?

It’s New, Do I Need a Home Inspection in Phoenix

Why inspect New/newer construction?
I’m frequently and told by others that the home is new so I don’t need to have an inspection or “The city already inspected it, so I don’t need another Home Inspection.

Here are some facts you may not know.
Municipal inspections happen at different stages, before the foundation is placed, framing and plumbing as well as electrical are frequently done at the same time but it is not uncommon for the builder to make changes after these inspections. Then the inspector returns and sees the work completed if it hasn’t already been covered by drywall. Many times there are no utilities to the home when the building inspector gives their final OK, yet people assume that the home is fine.
I have yet to see a municipal building inspector with a ladder or even look at a residential roof. The common thought is if it leaks, the home owner will call the builder.

Most municipal inspectors spend less than 15 minutes inspecting the home. Most independent home inspectors spend over 2 hours looking at the home.

I am not bashing municipal inspectors. Most are overworked and under paid. The building departments are under funded and under staffed. I have yet to have a mayor explain to me why if the economy is based on housing starts, then why does the city parks department have twice the staff as the building department.

In my opinion, all homes/buildings of any age or stage of construction should be independently inspected by professional experienced home inspectors if the owner (or perspective owner) is looking for peace of mind and a better degree of assurance that they are not buying some unforeseen cost/health/safety/nuisance defects. I could go on but the fact is there are several differences between a Code Inspection and a Phoenix Home Inspection

Based on my experience, even the best builder can overlook an element of a subcontractors’ construction. The real test is how do they address issues when they are found. Do they simply blow the issue off, perform band aid repairs or do they actually come out and address the issue and the resulting damage?

Home construction will have defects; it’s just a matter of how serious and catching them before they cause subsequent costly or health safety problems. An independent “professional” Phoenix home inspection will minimize your risks of inheriting those defects.

If your home has defects or you think it might, contact a professional “Experienced” Phoenix home inspector to help you identify the issues and guide you on how to address them.

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