What do you do for others?

I had an interesting inspection the other day. My client (the home buyer) was impressed by the time I took to make sure he understood the issues with the home he was purchasing.

He said, “People just don’t seem to take the time to help others any more”. I told him I have seen a change but that I also know there are lots of people helping others.

On March 27-28 I am riding a bicycle 150 miles for MS. Friends of mine have donated almost $1,500 to support the cause, another friend let me borrow his bike to train on and my local bike shop is loaning me a bike for the ride.

There is a group from my church that goes out twice a month and performs landscaping work for people that can’t do it themselves, I have see slot of volunteers organizing several events.

I have several people that have helped my with my social media and none of them expected payment, but I have sent people to their business because of their willingness to help others.

I have found that you get more satisfaction and learn more by helping others and trying to serve yourself.

So tell me What do you do for others?

Please post a comment, Your comment may give someone else an idea on what they can do.

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