Wet Wall Home Inspections Scottsdale

As those that live in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area know, December 12-13 we got about 1/4 of our annual rain fall. Scottsdale Home thermal ImageI perform home inspections as well as forensic work in this area and the rain allows us to find defects we normally would not find.

An example is this thermal image of a wet wall in Scottsdale. upon further investigation it was found the water was leaking in above a window and running down the wall until it reached the sill plate that it was coming in.

This Scottsdale home had 5 windows that were leaking as well as a patio cover.

I had several other inspections that week where I used thermal imaging as well as moisture meters to locate moisture issues. One was a condo in Scottsdale where they have been patching the roof over and over but they kept having leaks. They thought it might be a deck leaking so they flooded the deck and had no water but when they run water on the roof, it shows up on the ceiling downstairs.

We determined it was actually coming through the wall. The water would run off of the roof and splash about 3 feet high when it hit the deck, the deck was flashed about 6 inches high however the moisture barrier was damaged above that so when the wall got wet, the water would enter.

If you need a home inspection or need us to use thermal imaging to find leaks or insulation issues, please feel free to give us a call.

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  1. There can be so many causes of a water leak, it’s often best to call in a professional who can find the leak quickly. Thanks for reminding us of this, Scott!

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