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Walter_20Jowers1Walter Jowers was born and raised in Burnettown, South Carolina, where the usual course of life was, get out of high school, marry your girlfriend,then go to work in a cotton mill or the local strip mine.

Walter never quite fit in. He went to work when he was 12 years old, playing guitar in rock & roll and jazz bands. During his teen years, he also helped his father, Jabo Jowers, with the family’s construction business. Although Jabo built everything from giant industrial cookie cutters to church steeples, he specialized in enormous bootleg liquor stills. Walter didn’t quite fit into the family business, either, so he tried college. College conflicted with the guitar-playing gig, so Walter quit college.

In 1981, Walter moved to Nashville. Wouldn’t you know, Walter didn’t quite fit in the country music scene, so he started renovating old houses, and writing about it. That led to his getting a writer/editor job at Old-House Journal, in New York City. After that, he wrote the Restoration Primer column for the Journal of Light Construction.

Walter and his wife, Brenda, moved back to Nashville in 1985. About then, people started hiring Walter to do home inspections. He liked that work just fine, so he kept doing it. Today, Walter and Rick Cozby are the two home inspectors at HOUSE SENSE, Inc. Walter also does some expert-witness work.

Walter and Rick assembled the online Indagator community in 1998, for the express purpose of getting the best brains in the home inspection business in one place.

Since 1995, Walter has written the “Helter Shelter” column for the local
alternative newsweekly, the Nashville Scene.

Walter Jowers
House Sense, Inc.
3507 Richland Ave
Nashville, TN 37205
Office 615.298.5266
Fax 615.269.0063

You can find Walter on the web at

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