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Here are several videos we have put together to help you maintain your home.

We add a new video every month so be sure to check back to get more helpful tips.

If you have any questions about the videos, how to maintain your home or our inspection services, please contact our office at 480-636-7400.

Replacing an Electrical Outle

Toolbox essentials from your Phoenix home inspector

Baby Proofing your home tips

Installing a Single Pole Dimmer Switch for Lights

Fun Household Tricks 2

Front Loading Washers

How To Hang a Large Picture

Fix Your Garbage Disposal

Window screen replacement

How to maintain your Dishwasher

How to remove hard water deposits

Flushing your Water Heater

Fun Household Tips 1

Adjusting doors

How to Replace your Toilet Flapper

Toilet Fill Valves and how to adjust them

Improperly Installed Deadbolts

Checking a toilet flapper

AC Condenser Maintenance

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