Today I Observed Community in Action

Tis the season to decorate the house, or is it the hood?

Every year I start decorating the house for Christmas the weekend after thanksgiving. Many of my neighbors do the same.

This year I was reflecting on what a great neighborhood we live in. The kids across the street were helping their dad with the decorating, the house next  door had boys playing basketball in the drive.

Several neighbors were meeting in the street discussing how the decorations looked. As a Home Inspector, I have a wide assortment of ladders, and at one point I had ladders at two of my neighbors houses. (we all loan things to each other and we never have to worry about getting them back.)

We all know each other as well as the kids names. We share jokes and stories and offer help when needed.

We don’t live in a upscale gated community with 3 car garages, and if we did, I am not sure we would talk with our neighbors as much.

We live on a small street and every one has a 2 car garage that only has room for one (or less) due to the stuff we have stored.

It is great to know that even in these trying times, it is still possible to live in a great neighborhood.

This year, take a little time and get to know your neighbors. maybe bring them something to eat. (Costco pumpkin pies are only $6)

This can make you feel great but can also help your community.


Merry Christmas

P.S> If you are moving into a new community, I would love to be your Home Inspector

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