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Lots of Home inspectors don’t walk tile roofs and I understand why, however if you can do it safely you can perform a much better inspection.
I shot this video on a hot day while performing a home inspection in Scottsdale AZ.
I was holding the flip video and trying to walk the roof at the same time so I apologize for the quality (and sweat).

When looking at the roof during a home inspection in Scottsdale Arizona you have to make a decision, to walk or not to walk.
If it is a clay tile roof the answer is easy, NO or you will cause lots of damage, but most concrete tile can be walked on if you know how to do it. (If you do not know, stay off of the roof)

Walking a tile roof allows you to see things better than you could from the edge and allows you to really evaluate what is going on.
If possible, On the Home Inspection, we walk two story roofs also
It is very difficult to see the fastening from the ground or from the eave, and it is even more difficult if it is a two story roof.
Walking the roof (when it is safe to do so) allows us to provide a better inspection than some others do.

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