Thermal Imaging-Building Survey

Thermal Image during Phoenix Az home Inspection

Thermal imaging or infrared building surveys reveal issues.

Thermal imaging performed by a level 1 thermographer can reveal hidden issues like missing insulation, water leaks and overheated electrical circuits.

Thermal Imaging or infrared photography uses a special tool that basically measures the surface temperature and turns that data into an image. The thermal imagers we use measure down to 1/10 if a degree F.

This allows us to see minor changes reflected by the temperature. If insulation is missing it can change the surface temperature. If a wire had power running through it it will heat up, if there is a poor connection or the wire is damaged that area will get warmer. Being able to see these temperature differences help to identify issues.

We have been hired simply to find out why the home owner is having such a difficult time cooling or heating their house.

The US department of Energy recommends home buyers have thermal imaging performed when purchasing a home

If you need a thermal imaging building survey call ACSI

We have performed thermal imaging building surveys for commercial developers, contractors, restoration companies, environmental companies, attorneys as well as home owners and home buyers.

Feel free to contact us at 480-636-7400 or online to request an inspection

What do I need to know about thermal Imaging?

I get this question a lot. Like any tool it has it’s limitations. for example if it hasn’t rained for 3 weeks, your won’t see a window leak with thermal imaging. If the inside and outside temperatures are the same, you will have a hard time determining how the insulation is working. I wrote another post of these issues called the Hard Truth about Thermal Imaging.

If you are hiring someone to do thermal imaging, look for experience and training. these are not as simple as the point and shoot cameras and if the operator does not know how to adjust the settings and how to interpret the images you may end up getting incorrect information.

Scott Warga of ACSI and a Phoenix Home Inspector,was recently featured By Fluke tools (the manufacture of some of the best thermal Imaging units) on their who’s who of thermal imaging

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