Theft After the Home Inspection

Vacant homes get robbed

I perform Home inspections in the Phoenix area and I am finding that parts of the home are being stolen before and after the inspection.Breakers Missing from service panel

Today I returned to a home I inspected in Chandler 10 days ago. When I did the first home inspection the gas was off, now it is on and I was asked to go back out and confirm the gas appliances were all functioning properly.

I arrived to find the electrical panel had been stripped of all the breakers. This makes it hard to operate the gas furnace since the fan and igniter both require power.


Nothing seems safe from the bandits

It is no longer uncommon for me to find wiring missing, AC units vanished, Copper plumbing cut out of walls, pool vacuums and barbecues are also popular items.

The problem is people know the home is vacant and others leave the home open or gates unlocked providing easy access for those less honest.

The banks put locks on the gates but somehow these are getting removed, I find them on the ground or on top of the fence. The locks are open and not damaged, someone just removed them and didn’t put them back.

Some people are putting cages on the air conditioners to prevent theft. You can find them here

If you are buying a home in this market there are a few things you need to do.

1 Hire a professional home inspector, I don’t care if it is being sold “AS IS”. You want to know what that condition is don’t you? One other advantage is the home inspector documents the condition of the equipment. If it gets stolen post inspection, you have proof it was there when you made the deal so the bank can replace it.

2 Walk the property either the day of closing or the day before, Check the plumbing the electrical panel and look for the AC unit(s)


Don’t be a victim.

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