The sun is more intense than you think

Chandler Inspector shows suns reflected heat.

I performed a home inspection on this Chandler AZ  home January 17th at 9 AM. It is 50 degrees outside but one portion of the garage door is over 130 degrees.

Watching the video you see the light reflected from the window next door.Sunlight reflections by Scottadale Home Inspector

Why should a chandler home inspector mention this?

As building materials heat up they expand, If they are expanding faster than the materials around them damage can occur. Stucco cracks, vinyl siding warps, doors buckle or bind.

This is a simple issue to address of the neighbor will let you. simply install a shade screen over the window. Light will still pas through but the reflection will be diffused to the point it will no longer cause an issue.

If you are looking for a home inspector that tends to educate more than alarm.

If you want a real Professional Home Inspection in Chandler, Scottsdale or anywhere in the east valley, please give us a call.

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