Scottsdale Home Inspections Always Interesting

Home Inspections in Scottsdale reveal strange things. As a home inspector that serves Scottsdale, I find many strange things, that invite questions. For example why bother painting the home if you are going to cover it with plants anyway? People do strange things like install speakers on the walls of decks above interior rooms, then […]

Phx Home Inspection on Money Pit

I performed a Phoenix Home Inspection on the money pit. I don’t make that comment lightly. I’ve been performing Home Inspections in Arizona for over 12 years and this is quite possible the worst home I have seen. This home was in a rural area not far from Scottsdale and had a detached workshop, 4 […]

Do you have time for the Inspection

Did You Plan Time For Your Home Inspection In the last week I have had 4 different people call me to schedule Home inspections that all wanted the inspection the next day. I felt bad when they told me they only have a 5 day inspection period instead of the standard 10 days, or when […]

Wet Wall Home Inspections Scottsdale

As those that live in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area know, December 12-13 we got about 1/4 of our annual rain fall. I perform home inspections as well as forensic work in this area and the rain allows us to find defects we normally would not find. An example is this thermal image of a […]

Scottsdale Home Inspections

Scottsdale home inspections are unique. Scottsdale has many different types of houses, from the small home built in the 1950s to the large custom homes over 10’000 square feet. I have been fortunate in that I have been hired to perform home inspections on many different homes in Scottsdale. Different areas of Scottsdale have different […]

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