Window Tips from your home Inspector

Inspecting your windows will tell you a lot of things. Inspect for dirt and dead insects that are obstructing the bottom of the window or the weep holes, This is something that can usually be cleaned with an attachment on your vacuum fairly easily. You may find that the screens are blocking the weep holes, […]

Tool definitions (Humor)

Every now and then I like to post something funny on my blog, so here is the latest: Yes, we all know what tools are intended for, we also know we should use the right tool for the job. This is a list of how tools actually get used, Enjoy Drill Press A tall upright […]

You Cant Judge A Professional By Their Card But By Their Tools

I frequently visit various job sites and inspections and sometimes I am amazed by what I see. I have had so called construction experts show up on cases I am involved in and provide me with a very professional business card and introduce themselves, then they pull some cheap tool out of their vehicle that […]

Be Wary of Gentlemens Agreements in Construction

“He’s an honest guy.”

“I’ve always done business this way.”

“I trust her.”

All those statements may be true. Relying on handshake agreements (or, the more old-fashioned “gentlemen’s agreements”) is a risky business in the construction field. Written contracts are crucial to enforcing binding agreements once the dirt begins to turn. However, a contract is more than a written recital of previously-agreed upon terms. A contract has the ability to change the terms between the parties, often without one of the parties realizing it. And, as Chris has previously noted, the [written] Contract is King.

Foam Roof Inspection by Phoenix Home Inspector

When performing a home inspection the inspector must also look at the roof.
Here are some of the things an inspector must consider while evaluating a foam roof.

I like Foam roofs, They provide additional insulation, reflect heat and are a great moisture barrier, however, all roof need maintenance. As a Home Inspector I must look at all the issues, identify them and advise the client how to address them.

Choosing Twitter over Facebook

Facebook has become a buy me, try me, join me, hear me, shop me, help me, add me, like me, love me, hate me, friend me, share me, request me, cause me, plead me, receive me, accept me, see me, gift me, hit me, challenge me, build me, feel me, question me, donate me site! […]

Updating Your Blog on the Run

I just found WordPress for blackberry and found out how to update my blog from my phone. If you have a wordpress blog and a blackberry you need to try out this app. Go to the BB app world and download it today.

An American Solider

Toby has been a outspoken supporter of our troops throughout the years, this is one of my favorite songs Please take the time to thank a solider today, and Please remember those that are no longer with us.

Memorial Day is more than a BBQ

To many people, Memorial Day means a hot barbecue, a much welcome three-day weekend, and the beginning of summer vacation. It’s easy to forget the significance of the holiday, which, originally called Decoration Day, is a commemoration of U.S. citizens who died while in military service. Memorial Day, originally enacted after the American Civil War, […]

How to Buy a Bank owned home (humor)

How to buy a bank owned home. If your in the real estate industry, you will enjoy this spoof on REO’s Don’ forget if you are buying a home to have a professional home inspection by a professional home inspector. If you need an Arizona home inspection please contact us.

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