Tile Shower Pan leaks found at Home Inspection

We test tile shower pans during our Arizona home inspections. One of the things that makes our home inspection company different is during the inspection, we will fill the shower pan with water to test for leaks. This may seem pretty simple but many inspectors simply do a visual examination and run the water for […]

Common Myths That People Have About Home Inspections

Guest post by Ethen Hunt Myths That People Have About Home Inspections There are various myths associated with home inspections. It is necessary that potential buyers and even sellers understand the whole truth behind these myths and know why home inspection is necessary before making the purchase decision and why it should be done by a professional and qualified home inspector only. […]

Phx Home Inspection on Money Pit

I performed a Phoenix Home Inspection on the money pit. I don’t make that comment lightly. I’ve been performing Home Inspections in Arizona for over 12 years and this is quite possible the worst home I have seen. This home was in a rural area not far from Scottsdale and had a detached workshop, 4 […]

Do you have time for the Inspection

Did You Plan Time For Your Home Inspection In the last week I have had 4 different people call me to schedule Home inspections that all wanted the inspection the next day. I felt bad when they told me they only have a 5 day inspection period instead of the standard 10 days, or when […]

Wet Wall Home Inspections Scottsdale

As those that live in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area know, December 12-13 we got about 1/4 of our annual rain fall. I perform home inspections as well as forensic work in this area and the rain allows us to find defects we normally would not find. An example is this thermal image of a […]

Canadian Home Buyers in Arizona Need Home Inspections

Home Inspections Needed for Canadians. As the US dollar continues to drop in comparison to the Canadian currency, many Canadians are choosing to buy homes in Arizona and with that they need home inspections. Unfortunately, it is not easy for Canadians to know who to hire as their AZ Home Inspector as they do not […]

After The Phoenix Home Inspection

Your Phoenix home Inspection has been completed, Now What Often, after I am done with the home inspection, they buyers will ask me, now what? Do they have to fix everything that is wrong? Do we? Can we ask for the price of the home to be reduced to cover the cost of the repairs? […]

Attics and Phoenix Home Inspections

Are Attics Required during Phoenix Home Inspections Phoenix Home inspectors are required to inspect attics, however not if it us unsafe to do so. It is Hot in the summer time and if it is 112 degrees in the shade the attic is likely somewhere around 145 degrees. Because of this, many inspectors choose to […]

Do Your Doors Bind? Tip of the week

Frequently when performing a Home Inspection, I find doors that bind or are out of square. Check your interior doors including closets and see if they bind. Is the opening around the door the same size all the way around? Look at the opening between the door itself and the frame at the top and […]

Why have a New Home Inspection in Phoenix?

Why inspect New/newer construction?
I’m frequently and told by others that the home is new so I don’t need to have an inspection or “The city already inspected it, so I don’t need another inspection.
Here are some facts you may not know.
Municipal inspections happen at different stages, before the foundation is placed, framing and plumbing as well as electrical are frequently done at the same time but it is not uncommon for the builder to make changes after these inspections. Then the inspector returns and sees the work completed if it hasn’t already been covered by drywall. Many times there are no utilities to the home when the building inspector gives their final OK, yet people assume that the home is fine

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