Bonding at Water Softeners

All of the metallic water distribution pipes in the home are supposed to be bonded; in other words, they’re all supposed to be able to touch each other. If the water pipes in the home weren’t bonded, what would happen if an energized (aka ‘hot’, aka ‘ungrounded’) wire came in contact with one of the pipes?

Spring Cleaning tips from your Home Inspector

The weather is beautiful and the weeds, insects and allergies are all going to try and keep you from enjoying it. don’t let them. Here are some simple tips you can use to help keep your home happy. Check your exterior paint. Now is the time to fix it before it gets too hot. Caulk […]

Can I trust My Real Estate Agents Home Inspector?

You made an offer on a home and it has been accepted, Your real estate agent is recommending you have a professional home inspection. They even recommended 3 different Arizona inspectors they you could hire, but can you trust your agents recommendation? In every industry there are good and bad people, I am sure you […]

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