Home Inspection Protection

Our 90 Day Home Inspection Protection Plan For Only $39.00… This Is Only Available At The Time Of Scheduling The First Home Inspection ACSI Is Proud to offer “The Home Inspection Protection Plan”. This plan allows the buyer to have a 2nd home inspection at NO ADDITIONAL COST on a similar sized/type of home within 90 […]

200% Home Inspection Guarantee

OUR 200% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We guarantee our competent and professional home inspection or DOUBLE your money back!* “We are so confident in the quality of our Home Inspection and feel so strongly that you are also going to feel confident and satisfied with our Inspection and Inspection Report that if not, we’ll give your […]

Wood Shingle Roof or kindling

I performed a home inspection on a Tempe home with a wood shingle or shake roof that was way beyond its useful life. I find these about once a month in Scottsdale but most of them in Tempe have been replaced   I honestly could not believe how bad this roof was. As a home […]

Home Inspection Does not Include Underground Sewer Lines

Scoping the sewer line is not part of a standard Home Inspection I frequently suggest to my home inspection customers that they may wish to have the sewer line scoped to check for damage or debris in the line. Some will ask me “Isn’t the sewer part of the home inspection?” The answer is yes […]

Home Inspection Includes the Pool Inspection

That’s right, Our AZ home inspections includes an inspection of the pool or spa. We frequently find issues with the pool and normally recommend you have a pool contractor come out and do further evaluation and repair anyway and it only takes a few extra minutes to inspect  the pool, so we just do it. […]

How Safe is the Deck on Your Phoenix Home

Is the Deck on your Phoenix Home Safe I recently inspected a deck on a property during a Phoenix Home Inspection. I found several issues with it. The deck itself was attached to the home with nails, the joist hangers were not secured properly, there was no flashing to prevent moisture from going between the […]

Home Maintenance Checklist Tip of the week

Home Maintenance Checklist from your Phoenix Home Inspector One of the biggest issues I see during my Phoenix Home Inspections is that homes are just not maintained like they should be. The sad truth is many people just do not know what needs to be done or how to do it. Each week I publish […]

Tile Roofs & Mesa Home Inspections

Home Inspectors and Tile Roofs Lots of Home inspectors don’t walk tile roofs and I understand why, however if you can do it safely you can perform a much better inspection. I shot this video on a hot day while performing a home inspection in Scottsdale AZ. I was holding the flip video and trying […]

Cause & Effect, Home Improvments may cause damage

I recently went to a home and garden show and was surprised at how many products were being sold as a cure all. Claims of reducing energy costs, never paint again and more were heard over and over. I asked a few of the people at the show about the drawbacks of their products and […]

Lowering the Home Inspection Bar

10 years ago, I competent real estate agent would not refer a home inspector unless they were a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) or NAHI (The National Association of Home Inspectors)
Then it happened, states began regulating home inspectors and other associations popped up that allowed inspectors to take an online test and be able to use a logo. No experience required, simply send in your dues.

Suddenly agents decided that getting someone that is state certified was enough.
But is it?

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