Steve Dansby

SteveDansbySteve came from a background of a strong work ethic. As the oldest son in a family of 10 children, he found work to be both a necessity and an escape. At the earliest possibility he joined the Marine Corps, which taught him focus and pride. His career being cut short by an injury, he then married his high school sweetheart and began to pursue life as a quality carpenter, (a much-loved and respected father of two daughters), and later a building contractor. This was in his blood, since his father and grandfather had both been in the trade. As he has always pursued excellence, it was only natural that he would be drawn to a profession that is able to detect the shortcomings or challenges in a prospective home. Thus he attached himself to all possibilities to become the BEST home inspector he could be, since mediocrity was not an option.

When not working you can find him on a mountain either hiking or biking with his lovely bride (Linda) or rolling around in the backyard with one or both of his two grandsons.

Steve and his wife have been blessed to be living and working in God’s country (The Sierra Mountains in northern CA.) since 1979.

Steve E. Dansby
Builder & Remodeler Since 1972
Home Inspector Since 1992
737 Ridge Street
Portola, CA

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