Simple steps to save energy from your Home Inspector

These days money is tighter than the tube against a tire (and some of us are running tubeless) any steps you can take to save energy will also save you money. Here are a few tips from your Arizona Home Inspector.

Turn fans of when your not in a room. Fans don’t change the temperature of the air, they just make it feel different, If you’re not in the room you can’t feel the fan anyway, so turn it off.

Think about your laundry habits. Did you ever think about when you dry your clothes? Did you realize the HVAC  system function more efficiently, extends the life of the unit and will reduce maintenance costs.

Think about all the places air leaks into and out of your home. Do what you can to reduce the amount of air that leaks out and you will reduce the amount of air that comes in.

Turn off the computers when they are not being used. I was at a friends home the other day and they have 3 laptops and two desk tops that are on 24 hours a day, even though there is no one home for 6 hours a day and they sleep 8 hours a day. did you catch that over 50% of the time the computers are on the people are gone or sleeping.

Unplug your TV or put it on a power strip that you can turn off. Some of the new flat screen TVs consume more power when they are off than the refrigerator does with 3 teenage boys at home.

Let the dishes in the dishwasher air dry.

Drop the thermostat one or two degrees at night. Your under the covers anyway. Or get a programmable unit that does it automatically. I don’t recommend adjusting it more than two degrees or you will spend more energy trying to get the house back to comfortable than you saved by adjusting it.

Use a toaster oven when you can instead of the range oven.

Close the fireplace damper and seal the opening when not in use. I found magnets for cars work well. I found an old car sigh and simply cut out a circle slightly larger than the damper opening. (just remember to remove it before you start the next fire.

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