We provide a free Sewer Guard coverage with our home inspections.

Sewer line Protection with home Inspection


Many homes on the Phoenix area have older sewer lines however since they are underground, they are not part of a normal home inspection.

If you are buying a home in Chandler, Gilbert Tempe, Mesa or Scottsdale, you should have an inspection and most homes in these areas have plastic sewer lines however all of these areas could have cast iron lines as well in the older neighborhoods. Since the lines are underground and not inspected by the home inspector, what should you do?

You can hire a plumber to put a scope down the line (we always recommend this on homes with cast pipes) or you could hire a home inspection company that offers Sewer Guard.

This coverage applies to cracked or broken plumbing and or sewer lines between the house and the city service connection and will pay up to $2000 for repair of cracked or broken lines that are found within 90 days of the inspection or 22 days after closing, whichever is later. You can click here for all the details on our Home inspection sewer protection (Sewer Guard)

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