Rick Cozby

Rick_20Cozby1Rick worked for 22 years at the Los Angeles Times. He started right out of high school, as a bicycle messenger. Before he was done, he was wearing a suit to work every day, and he was in charge of 70+ people.

In 1992, the Rodney King-inspired riots broke out just outside Rick’s
office. About then, Rick and his family decided that they’d had about enough of Los Angeles.

The Cozby family moved to Middle Tennessee, and Rick joined Walter Jowers at HOUSE SENSE, Inc. in 1994. It was a good match. Rick’s first big contribution to the business came when he persuaded Walter to buy some accounting software, and quit keeping the company books in a word-processor document named, “oweme.”

Since then, Rick and Walter have perfected the technique of two-man tag-team home inspection.

Rick is in charge of the Indagator website.

Rick Cozby
House Sense, Inc.
3507 Richland Ave
Nashville, TN 37205
Office 615.298.5266
Fax 615.269.0063

You can find Rick on the web at www.housesenseinc.com.

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