Prescription Without Diagnosis is Malpractice

You see it all the time, Name any symptom and someone will tell you how to fix it. I see it in our healthcare system and I am sure you do to. Take this drug to address this symptom. Then the add is followed by a list of side effects.
I was wondering , Are you helping people treat a symptom or correct the problem?
Are you advising your client of all the possible side effects?
Did you take the time to diagnosis what the real problem is?

As a Home inspector I see how contractors and home owners treat symptoms, sometimes spending much more than it would have cost to solve the problem. They will install siding on the interior to conceal the reoccurring cracks when correcting the grading and drainage was what was needed.

As a Real Estate Agent, are you doing the same? Are you advising your client towards a short sale or loan modification when the real issue is they don’t have any money or don’t know how to handle it?
Did you review their docs or refer them to someone that can, to let them know what the potential side effects of this action could be? Did you tell them they could be taxed on the reduction, sued for the price difference, or both? Are you helping them with a real estate transaction, or debt management/financial planning?

We are all sometimes so eager to help we fail to take time to really see what the problem is. There is no one size fits all answer, but take note, just like when they called you to help them, they will call someone else when the tax bill or settlement suit is filed and then that person will be checking to see if you actually diagnosed the issue.

Take so time and think about the potential side effects of your actions today.

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