Poking fun at home inspectors

These computer generated videos are all the rage now.

I have seen several of them but I decided it was time to post one on my blog.

I hope you enjoy it.

If you are using a mobile phone you can click here to see it.

If you need a real Arizona home inspection, please feel free to give me a call.

Here is another one someone sent me.

If you are using a mobile phone you can click here to see it

Once again, feel free to contact me about an Arizona Home Inspection or check out my site at www.acsihomeinspection.com

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  1. Scott,
    I am afraid you have hit the nail on the head with these videos. Most people do not do any research and will buy the BS that inexperienced Home Inspectors shovel out.

    The American Society of Home Inspectors (www.ASHI.org) is the home of experienced (& Great) Home Inspectors. Aways use an ASHI inspector.

  2. These are great. I will send them on to our home inspectors we use. I am sure they will get a kick out of it. (I Hope)

    Thanks. And great site by the way. Good to see a professional image.
    i am also a General Contractor so I tend to understand the inspection process more than most realtors. I also make it a point to be at all inspections. It helps when I need to clarify a detail so it does not get misunderstood.


    Russ Fielden
    Southern Coast Realty
    Beaufort SC

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