Phoenix Home Inspection

Are you looking for a Phoenix home inspector?

Phoenix home inspections performed for over 11 years. In addition to that we are licensed residential and commercial general contractors.

We do more than most other home inspection companies. Most Phoenix home inspection companies find an issue and simply tell you to have someone else perform further evaluation.

We perform a through inspection of the home not only looking at the cracks in the walls but trying to determine the cause of those cracks. Home Inspectors are not allowed to perform destructive testing on homes but as a licensed contractor, we will go a little farther, as long as it does not damage the property, to find the real issues.

If you would like to request a Phoenix Home Inspection you can do so online

We perform forensic home inspections as well. if you feel your contractor or home inspector fell below the standard of care, we may be able to help you.

Phoenix Home Inspection Qualifications

Some of my qualifications are:

Licensed / Bonded / Insured

ASHI Certified Inspector # 205826 Served on ASHI National Board of Directors

Licensed residential and commercial general contractor AZ ROC #216772

Arizona State Certified Home Inspector AZ BTR #38062 (Also serve on the BTR Enforcement Advisory Committee)  (EAC)

Certified FHA 203K Inspector #S0680

ICC member # 5095644

Do you know if your inspector is qualified?

Here are some questions you can ask your Phoenix home inspector

You can also click on the blue and grey logo on the side of this page, type in your inspectors last name and verify if they are currently a AZ State Certified Home Inspector.


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