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PeterDrenanHome inspections aren’t about making a list and checking it twice. Any ex-carpenter/plumber/builder can do that. At least they think they can. Home inspections are about offering customers insights, information and even peace of mind about their new homes. We spend most of our time every day doing home inspections. Day in and day out. There’s no better way to hone our skills than to work on them each and every day. There are many subtle clues that simply couldn’t be seen by part-time inspectors or others that “dabble” in this business. In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to be called in after another inspector to clarify or evaluate issues that were missed.

We have inspectors with a world of experience. We’re a locally-owned company. Our inspections not only meet ASHI standards, they exceed them. Our clients want more so we give them more. We’ve performed thousands of inspections, and our clients seem to appreciate the way we do things.

We also provide a whole range of additional services. Our clients enjoy the ability to make one simple call and have everything taken care of for them. Here are some of the things we do:
Home Inspections
Farms and Estates
Radon Testing Services (with instant results)
Expert Witness Testimony
New Construction Inspections
Certified EIFS Testing
Building Consultations
Moisture Analysis & Tracking
Water Testing Services
Energy Savings Analysis

HomePro does consulting work both locally and nationally. Often, we are called in to check out a specific issue in a house or commercial property. More often, people don’t know what the issue is exactly, they just know that something’s wrong. We do a variety of tests and protocols to help define, evaluate and resolve all sorts of building issues.

HomePro also does consulting work for the federal government. We do consulting work on military bases around the country, on commercial properties and in large residential subdivisions. We have traveled all over the country to evaluate and inspect buildings, military bases and their facilities.

Peter Drenan
HomePro of Central Virginia
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