Now is the time to hire a Home Inspector

Most people only think of getting a home inspection when they purchase a home. Locally someone may hire an Arizona Home Inspector to check out their home before it is one or two years old.

I want you to understand that Home Inspectors don’t just work for buyers or new home owners.

This is going to sound like a shameless plug but it’s being sent across the web and I obviously can do all the work so bear with me for a moment.

Lately the country has been hammered with wet and or cold weather, a professional Home inspector can check out all the systems in your hose and tell you what needs maintenance or repair before the component completely fails.

Home inspectors can provide tips on how to make your home more energy efficient. Do you know anyone that would like to save some money on energy costs.

A professional home inspector is a generalist, they look at all of the different systems in the home and evaluate there performance, It is possible your roof leaks and the moisture is not visible on the interior of the home yet, or maybe your vents are causing a problem in the attic. Are your water heater and furnace functioning properly? Do you have leaks in the walls, basement, windows or other areas?

Many professional home inspectors now have thermal imaging cameras. These infrared tools assist an inspector in finding problem areas before they turn into nightmares. You also must be aware that these thermal imaging cameras only detect temperature differences. When your wall, ceiling or floor is wet they will show up with the camera before you can visibly see the problem. Check out some of the images at my Home Inspection web site

Visable image of wet ceiling

Visable image of wet ceiling

Infrared image of wet ceiling

Thermal imaging in the hands of a professional home inspector can identify areas you didn’t know were problems or help you understand just how big a problem is.

Hiring a professional home inspector may cost you a few hundred dollars now but this investment may save you thousands of dollars in the future.

Click here For more information on how to select a professional  home inspector

If your looking for a Phoenix Home Inspector, contact us, if your home is in a different part of north America contact ASHI

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