Mesa Home Inspector finds funky pools

In the Phoenix area Real Estate is booming, Bank owned homes are selling like crazy and there seems to be a never ending supply of properties badly in need of a professional home inspection.

Many of the homes in this area have pools and the banks do not maintain the pools so they get pretty nasty.

Pool Inspection in Mesa AZ

One of the banks decided they would make the pools safer by covering the pool with a wood frame, cover it with plastic and then fasten welded wire to it.
Home Inspector in mesa finds a framed pool cover.

I am sure the bank had the best intentions in mind when they hired someone to go buy most every 2 x 6 that home depot had and then cut them up and nail them back together to construct this work of art.

At I must admit, It would be very difficult for some one to accidentally fall into the pool. (I’m not sure I could jump in on purpose)

But then they placed plastic on top of the wood frame and nailed the welded wire over it. This will help keep not only people and (most) pets out but it will stop all the leaves and dust from blowing into the pool.

However the Arizona sun had a different idea, cook the plastic until it breaks up and falls into the pool.

Well the sun has fun with the plastic and the mess just gets bigger.

See below.
Home Inspector in Mesa AZ finds framed pool cover

The white stuff in the pool is the damaged plastic that fell through the frame.

I am sure glad I am the home Inspector and not the guy that has to clean the pool.

Have a great day.

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