Lubricate all of your Doors, keyholes and hinges.

Often when performing home inspections in the Scottsdale area I find doors that bind, don’t lock or squeak.
This is something easy to resolve and even easier to prevent.

This is likely one of the easiest things you can do that never gets done. It only takes a moment to make sure the key continues to work and doesn’t break off when you are in a hurry.
Use a penetrating oil in a small can with a spout or a spray like WD-40 with a small hose to direct the spray.
Be sure to have a rag handy to wipe away any grime and any oil residue.

While you have the oil and rag out, go to the sliding glass door and apply some oil to the bottom track, let it sit for a few seconds and wipe the grime off of (or out of) the track, It is a good idea to vacuum this track on a regular basis

Now before you put this stuff away, don’t forget about the garage door. Lubricate the chain, the hinges, the rollers, the pulleys and the spring, be sure to wipe off any excess.

While you are there, inspect the hardware for any damage.

Scott Warga, is the Qualifying party for ACSI American Construction Specialists and Investigations LLC,(ROC216772) a dual licensed residential and small commercial contractor. He is also a qualified Scottsdale home inspector certified by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration (#38062) and was appointed to the Arizona Board of Technical Registration’s Enforcement Advisory Committee. He has years of construction experience and has performed residential and commercial property inspections for over 10 years. He has specialized in forensic inspections, investigating failed, damaged and defective construction for over 5 years. He is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), (#205826) and currently sits on their board of directors. He has been an instructor of home inspection at Mesa Community College, for Inspection Training Associates, a Kaplan Professional School and Arizona Sun-Tech Home Inspection School. He has served as District Chairman & Vice President for the Arizona chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors and an approved instructor for both them and the Arizona Department of Real Estate. If you need an Arizona Home Inspector, he is your guy

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