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Larry Hoytt is the president of Hoytt Inspection Services, Inc., founded in 1976. The firm has provided over 20,000 inspections. He has been instrumental in establishing state and national industry standards, and he has sponsored home inspection legislation regarding licensing.

Hoytt’s extensive inspection experience has enhanced his credibility in providing expert witness testimony for construction defect disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, habitability issues  and real estate transaction disputes involving disclosure issues. He is also called upon in matters regarding home inspection standards of care and practice.

Hoytt is often consulted by reporters writing articles on home inspection, and has been featured in articles by Handyman magazine, as well as local newspapers.

He was interviewed for PBS TV’s “Nightly Business Report” regarding litigation in the real estate industry, has been featured on the HGTV “House Detective” series; and has been a guest on several local radio shows regarding home inspection.  He regularly serves on panel discussions presented by various real estate-related organizations, and has been a regular speaker at real estate offices, real estate boards, homeowners’ associations, and junior college courses on the subject of home inspection and disclosure.

Hoytt is a past President of both The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA).

Lawrence A. Hoytt
Hoytt Inspection Services, Inc.
1920 Indian Valley Road
Novato, CA 94947-4230
Phone: (415)-897-9517
Fax: (415) 897-9243

Larry can be found on the web at

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