Jim Morrison

jimMorrisonJimmy grew up back in the good ol’ days: when boys had crew cuts and muscles and girls wore makeup and nice dresses-before Grace Jones and Boy George changed all that. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was a beefy 952; Michael Jackson was recognizably African-American; the Archies topped the charts with “Sugar, Sugar” (the only all-cartoon band to have done so); Doris Day, Bill Cosby, Jim Nabors, Carol Burnett, Dean Martin, Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, and Red Skelton all had eponymous shows in the top 20; the President of the United States was a deceitful, war-monger; and The Rolling Stones were touring the world. Well, things weren’t that different

Anyway, what seems like a very short time later, he was conscripted to help his Dad fix up our old house (responsibilities included: retrieving cans of Schlitz, holding flashlights, discarding empty cans of Schlitz, etc). His Dad, Al Morrison, opened his home inspection practice in 1983 and took Jimmy on as an assistant the day after he graduated high school. He worked part time through university and upon graduation started inspecting full time. Jimmy’s career immediately took off and he quickly rose through the ranks to become “Head Ladder Lugger”- a sort of glass ceiling he has yet to break. Being a home inspector is the only full time job he’s ever had, and he’s been at it for more than ½ his life now.

Between inspections, Jimmy can be found arsing around with his young sons and writing columns about it for a local newspaper. Some of them are archived at: www.TheMorrisonBoys.com

You can find Jim on the web at www.almorrison.com.

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