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Normally, general home inspections are performed during the process of buying a property or real estate in the Phoenix Arizona market. There are certain cases, however, wherein items or parts of the house are required to be checked by a particular specialist.

The difference between a general inspector and a specialized inspector is that the former might know if there’s something that must be fixed or replaced, but does not have the skills to do it; while the latter knows what must be done. This is the reason why you should get all the necessary inspections for the home.

There are various types of specialized home inspections. Some of them include, but are not limited to, the following:

Roof Inspection – It’s wise to have the roof inspected if you’re planning to buy a new home and even more so if you are purchasing a resale home, particularly if it seems a little old. The seller may pay for a roof certification, but if he/she does not want to, you should just get your own. However, make sure the company you’re going to hire is respectable.

Septic or Sewer System Inspection – A lot of older houses may not have any connections to a sewer system, so it’s important to hire a specialist to inspect the sewers before you close the deal to buy the house. Nowadays, technology uses a digital camera to put into the system and then have it pushed to the main line.

Inspection of Spa and Pool – If you’re planning on buying a house with a swimming pool, you should get a spa and pool inspection. Experts on this field would know how to estimate the life expectancy of key components like the heater or the spa blower. The inspection can also show leaks, if there are any. I recently saw a 7 year old pool that needed $40,000 in repairs.

Inspection of Plumbing and Water Systems – If the house has galvanized pipes, plumbers can determine if they need replacements. There are cases in which pipes are so clogged up that a pencil’s lead can hardly fit through it. I inspected a home last month that was 5 years old and two of the sink faucets needed to be replaced due to calcium build up.

Inspection of Trees – If the house you plan on buying has some trees on the yard, you should have it inspected by an arborist to see whether they are healthy

Inspection of Soil Stability – Different areas of town have soil that is expansive or will collapse when wet. some areas of town have contaminated soil from old fuel stations, auto shops or manufacturing plants. This is all beyond the scope of a normal home inspection

Inspection of Well – Have the well examined by a specialist if there’s one in the property you’re about to purchase. He can inspect the construction and figure out the water table’s depth and check the water sanitation.

Inspection of Methane or Radon Gas – Experts who handle this type of specialized inspection are called mitigation contractors. Hire one so you can have the house examined for methane or radon gas, and then have it removed, if there are any.

Inspection of Mold – A lot of health problems may be caused by mold; even healthy people can be affected. Mold has various kinds and it’s advisable to hire an expert to test the quality of the air if there is mold.

Aside from those listed above, there are other types of specialized inspections available.
If your inspector suggests that you hire a specialists or a few, you should do it before purchasing the house.

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