Bank Auction Home-Need A Home Inspection?

I cringe each time someone called to book a home Inspection and they say those words.  They often have not even see the inside of the home. Let me tell you a little secret, some people trash their homes when evicted.  I recently inspected one home that still had the power on but every wire had been cut out of the walls.

Electric is missing

When performing home inspections in Chandler, I have seen huge sections of roofs removed, I have seen foundation issues covered up, On a home inspection in Mesa I have seen a pool so green it looks like they filled it with avocado and so much more.

Green Pool found by Mesa Home Inspector

I know the bank is selling it as is, but don’t you want to know what the definition if “IS” is? (sorry, i couldn’t resist) You need a home Inspection.
The banks are paying contractors to clean the home, they are paying people to paint, carpet and more in these homes. The bank has to pay for all the repairs then they claim they know nothing about the home.

They have you sign a document that says they are not going to give you any of the disclosures required by law. And you want to buy it from them “AS IS” with out a Home inspection.

You have that right, you can buy the home with no disclosures and with no home inspection.

There is an old saying about that.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

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