How Safe is the Deck on Your Phoenix Home

Is the Deck on your Phoenix Home Safe

I recently inspected a deck on a property during a Phoenix Home Inspection.Home Inspection in Phoenix finds unsafe deck

I found several issues with it. The deck itself was attached to the home with nails, the joist hangers were not secured properly, there was no flashing to prevent moisture from going between the wall of the home and the deck and the wood siding where the deck was attached to the home was rotted.

I saw these issues before I went on top of the deck and found the hand rails to be loose, and the wood dry and split.

I explained the issues to the buyer and her agent and also explained that I did not think that the deck was professionally constructed due to the numerous things I found wrong with it.

The agent called me later to explain to me the deck was professionally built as several homes in the same area had the same deck.

This was upsetting. Instead of discussing the safety issues discovered during the Phoenix Home Inspection and what needs to be done to correct them, I am now trying to explain that just because it may have been built by licensed contractors does not mean it was build correct.

Deck Failures cost lives

We are actually lucky there are not that many decks in the Phoenix area, there are more when you get into northern Arizona.

Strangely, for some reason, contractors in the Phoenix area don’t seem to feel the need to follow the same rules as in other parts of the country. For example, in the northern US, Window flashing has been installed for decades, but in the phoenix area it is still installed improperly on a regular basis and only the City of Scottsdale requires details on how the windows will be flashed during construction. In other parts of the country there is a piece of flashing that creates a small hood over exterior doors (like on the side of the garage) this is called Head Flashing, but here in the valley of the sun, builders seem to think this is optional.Home Inspection finds rotted wood at deck attachment

The same applies to deck safety. Decks should be bolted to the home, rotten wood should be replaced, the proper hangers should be installed according to the manufactures specs and if you have a professional home inspection and the inspector says it needs repair, don’t argue that it has been there 15 years, it must be built properly.

Granted we get less rain than other parts of the country but that does not mean it should not be built to last at least as long as the mortgage.

Unsafe Decks make great news stories

I decided to send the agent a few links to stories/videos on deck failures and I thought I would share this one with you

If you have a moment watch the video and maybe a few of the others that follow.

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