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Home Maintenance Checklist from your Phoenix Home Inspector

One of the biggest issues I see during my Phoenix Home Inspections is that homes are just not maintained like they should be.Home Inspection Maintenance tips

The sad truth is many people just do not know what needs to be done or how to do it.

Each week I publish a tip of the week. Most of them have to do with maintaining your home.

This week I created a home maintenance checklist you can use to do just that.

I suggest printing this home maintenance checklist off and posting it on the wall of the garage where you will see it every time you enter the house.

This will help you remember that maintenance needs to be performed and can even remind you when the last time you did it.

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You can also check out past issues of our Phoenix Home Inspection Tip of the Week for some great ideas.

Click Here to open a PDF of the ACSI Home Maintenance Check List

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