Home Inspectors embarrassing moments 2.

I wrote a post over a year ago called Home Inspectors most embarrassing moments.

I recently had another home inspection moment that I feel worthy of sharing.

I was performing a home inspection in Gilbert AZ on a nice 2400 square foot home. The sellers were not home however the buyer and his agent were both present for most of the inspection.

As part of the home inspection I opened the access panel under the spa tub to look for leaks in the plumbing, inspect the spa motor and installation of the tub itself. As soon as I opened the access panel a large zip-lock bag fell out and it was filled with toys. Not kids toys, but adult toys that take batteries and are used… well you get the idea. The buyer and agent were around the corner so I slid the bag beside me to conceal it while I inspected under the tub. When I was done under the tum, I put the bag back and closed the access door.

I didn’t know it but the buyer saw me place the bag under the tub and asked me what it was.
I told him it was a bag of tub toys and left it at that.

About an hour later the seller came home and was talking about how she had to pack up everything.
The buyer said, “Don’t forget the bag of toys under the master tub.”

I about fell over and excused myself so I could go outside and laugh. The poor seller looked mortified.

The moral of this story is:
When you are allowing people on your property to perform a home inspection, you may want to take your secrets with you.

Scott Warga, is the Qualifying party for ACSI American Construction Specialists and Investigations LLC,(ROC216772) a dual licensed residential and small commercial contractor. He is also a qualified Phoenix home inspector certified by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration (#38062) and was appointed to the Arizona Board of Technical Registration’s Enforcement Advisory Committee. He has years of construction experience and has performed residential home inspections and commercial property inspections for over 10 years. He has specialized in forensic inspections, investigating failed, damaged and defective construction for over 5 years. He is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), (#205826) and currently sits on their board of directors. He has been an instructor of home inspection at Mesa Community College, for Inspection Training Associates, a Kaplan Professional School and Arizona Sun-Tech Home Inspection School. He has served as District Chairman & Vice President for the Arizona chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors and an approved instructor for both them and the Arizona Department of Real Estate. If you need an Arizona Home Inspector, he is your guy.

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