Listing Inspections

The Sellers Listing Inspection

There are many benefits to having your home inspected before you put it on the market.

Head Off Trouble

A licensed Arizona Home inspector visits your home for a property inspection. While at your property the home inspector provides you with a detailed list of items that could be issues and may be negotiated in a sales transaction. Prudent sellers have their property inspected prior to listing to allow for economical repairs and to avoid negotiating with unreasonable potential buyers. Most buyers have no idea what the repairs will cost and may ask for twice the amount needed. While the pre-inspection definitely involves an investment on the part of the home seller, in the end it could help realize a greater profit when the home sells. In Phoenix and the east valley there is increased amount of competition in the market and therefore a pre-inspection is a good tool that should serve sellers well in order to get ahead of other properties listed for sale.

Identify Defects or Issues with the Home and Make Repairs Ahead of Time.

By having a listing home inspection and identifying possible property defects early on, the seller is in a position to handle repairs prior to listing, making the listing more attractive. Making repairs ahead of time will limit objections over defects during the negotiations. If the seller elects not to repair certain defects that turn up in the pre-listing home inspection, they can disclose the defects to potential buyers in the disclosure documents.

Cost Effective

Having a Pre-Listing Home Inspection provides the seller with time to obtain estimates for repairs. The seller is not in a rush to have issues found by the home inspector repaired before closing.

Pre-Listing Inspections provide Real Estate Market Appeal

Have your Real Estate agent put the home inspection report as well as any receipts for repairs in the on-line listing. When other agents see this they will want to show your home because they know it will have fewer issues making for a smoother transaction

Prepare For the Home Inspection

Almost all Home Inspectors in Arizona provide a summary to the report, The sad truth is most buyers and agents only read the summary and not the Home Inspectors full Inspection Report.

Knowing this is the case, as a seller you want that summary to be as short as possible. If you have a pre listing home inspection, you will learn how a home is inspected; you will find that many of the issues found are common things that can be addressed in minutes for very little money.

I have prepared a list for sellers that lists things they can do to help the home inspection go more smoothly and that can be found on our site, but this list is not all inclusive, your AZ home inspector may find some other things and if you have a pre-listing inspection, you can address them before the buyers inspector arrives.

When it comes to the Home Inspection Be Proactive

If you have the pre-listing home inspection and perform the repairs, I recommend providing copies of the receipts to the buyer or better yet to your agent to Post on the MLS.

Some buyers (against their Agents advice) will elect not to have their own inspection knowing you already had it inspected.

Listing inspections can open a Pandora’s box.

If your pre-listing inspection reveals major issues and you choose not to repair or disclose them, it can come back to bite you. However some AZ real estate laws not only require people to disclose what they know but what they should know, therefore having the pre-listing inspection can reduce your liability if you disclose the full report as well as what you already know about the property.

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