Homebuyers are not the only people who hire ACSI. Home sellers also use ACSI to gain knowledge of the condition of their home before placing it on the market. Smart home sellers know that knowledge about their home’s condition makes the selling process more palatable.

Having a listing inspection can help in several ways:

  • Find out what the issues are before listing
  • Perform repairs to prevent buyers from trying to adjust the price after their inspection
  • Have your Real Estate agent put the home inspection report as well as any receipts for repairs in the on-line listing. (When other agents see this they will want to show your home because they know it will have fewer issues making for a smoother transaction
  • Learn how to prepare your home for a home inspection so the buyers inspection will go smoothly
  • Some buyers will skip their inspection if they see you had a listing inspection and repaired the major issues

Homebuyers, home sellers, homeowners, or anyone who wants to make an informed decision about a house based on objective information deserves a professional home inspection.

Why Settle for a Home Inspector, When You Can Hire A CSI?

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