Why use ACSI for your Phoenix area Home Inspection?

In a word, value. If you read the brochures of most other Home Inspectors, especially the big franchises, they brag about “2-3 hour inspections” or “400+ item inspection findings”. Only the small houses I’ve inspected were 3 hours or less (not including the report writing time).   They’re doing everything in that space of time, while talking to you. If they can do “hundreds of items” under those circumstances, in that little time, how much time are they spending on each item?  Are they giving your potential new home a thorough inspection?

3 hours divided by 400 items = 27 seconds per item…. whew!

$250 divided by 3 hours = $83.33 per hour….double whew!

Are they providing the same Home Inspection?

That tells me they can’t be doing the same Home Inspection we’re doing. I suppose they could be somewhat more efficient than we are in some ways, but not that much more. Our inspections average 3 -4 hours (the longest so far is 8 1/2 ), but we never look at our watches while we’re working. It takes as long as it takes, and that goes for the walk-through as well. If you think about it, they’re taking 3 hours of your time (in our wonderful Arizona climate), while we usually need just 15-30 minutes to show you everything worth looking at, and answer all of your questions.

Another thing is that I don’t do “representative samples”.  That means during the home inspection, the inspector only checks 1 of a given item in a given room; testing 1 outlet, 1 switch, 1 window, 1 door, 1 light, etc., regardless of how many are actually there. When we perform a Home Inspection, we try to test every outlet, every switch, every window, every door, every light, etc., regardless of how many are actually there.  ACSI also tries every door and every drawer on every cabinet, if we can. Sometimes, in an occupied house, some of these things are blocked or inaccessible, but we still try.

ACSI also includes extra items like appliances, Code issues, and manufactures instructions in our home inspections when possible.

I believe the simple truth is that we’re the most thorough, uncompromising home inspection company in the area, and that just takes longer.  We believe that we give clients more time, effort, and a better home inspection than anyone else, for the money, and that makes our service a great value.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.  Click over to “What Our Clients Say” and let them tell you.

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