The purpose of this complimentary Guarantee is for ACSI American Construction Specialists & Investigations LLC (herein referred to as ACSI) to provide a home-buyer client with coverage for specified repair expense for a period of ninety (90) days from the inspection date or thirty (30) days from the title transfer date, whichever occurs first. This Guarantee is not designed to cover normal maintenance or to replace available insurance. It applies only to owner-occupied one and two family resale houses and condominiums (not common elements).

Your ACSI inspector performed a visual inspection of the resale house described in the inspection report on the date noted. The inspection was conducted in accordance with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice and the standards adopted by the state of Arizona. A copy is provided at the end of each inspection report. Items outside of the standards are not covered under this guarantee. This Guarantee applies to the following house elements found to be in “good overall condition” and repairs to those house elements not noted or forecast in the inspection Report:

  • Central Heating. Includes the main house heating system if reported by the ACSI inspector to be less than ten (10) years old with no recommendations noted.
  • Central Cooling. Includes the main house cooling system if reported by the ACSI inspector to be less than seven (7) years old with no recommendations noted. (Window units are excluded.)
  • Interior Plumbing. Includes the visible portions of the water, drain, sewer, & vent piping, throughout the house and the gas or electric hot water heater. (Solar units are excluded.)
  • Interior Electric. Includes the main electric panel box and visible wiring throughout the house.
  • Main Roofing. Includes sloped (greater than 2 on 12 slope) roofing materials, roof framing and roof backing over main house, if reported by the ACSI inspector to be less than ten (10) years old with no recommendations noted.
  • Foundation Walls. Includes poured concrete and block foundation walls to the extent that their load-bearing ability is affected. Water penetration is not covered.
  • Kitchen Appliances. Includes built-in kitchen appliances reported by the ACSI inspector to be less than six (6) years old with no recommendations noted.


ACSI Home Inspection, will pay up to an aggregate maximum of $5,000.00 per Guarantee for the cost of repair expense to covered elements subject to the following conditions:

  • Any element or component of an element inspected by the ACSI Home Inspection, inspector and judged to be in “good overall condition” and so recorded in the inspection Report with no other comments to the contrary will be eligible for coverage under this Guarantee up to a maximum of $1,500 per element. Conversely, an element or component not inspected or not judged to be in satisfactory condition or any condition forecast or suggested correction or recommendation noted in the inspection Report will not be covered.
  • In no event will ACSI assume responsibility for repair claims (1) reported prior to closing or after the expiration date of the Guarantee, (2) on inspection Reports not fully paid for or (3) where the work was completed prior to formal notification and inspection by ACSI.
  • The Guarantee is provided for the exclusive benefit of the home-buying client. It may not be transferred or assigned to any other party without the written consent of ACSI.
  • lf, in the sole judgment of ACSI, a repair of a covered element or component is not possible, ACSI will pay up to a maximum of $1500.00 for the replacement of a similar style and quality element or component.
  • Client is responsible for arranging access to the property and the opening up of any surfaces needed to complete a repair. ACSI, assumes no responsibility for the closing, resurfacing and decorating after the repair work is completed.
  • ACSI, assumes no responsibility for any resultant damage from a failed component or system.
  • Limitations

Other than as provided by this Guarantee, ACSI assumes no liability to any party for damages, which may result from the inspection, the contents of the inspection Report or this Guarantee. Nor does ACSI assume any liability for bodily injury caused by any of the inspected components or property damage to others. ACSI AMERICAN CONSTRUCTION SPECIALISTS AND INVESTIGATIONS LLC, IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR SECONDARY DAMAGES or other conditions resulting from the failure or malfunction of the components of the house. ACSI Home Inspection, specifically disclaims any liability for the adequacy of the capacity or the design of any component or its failure to comply with any local, state or national code. In addition, ACSI will not be liable for costs necessitated by normal maintenance or for damages which result from neglect or misuse, termites or other insects, shifting or settling of land, mold, frost heaves, subsidence, dry rot, condensation, floods, surface water, waves or tidal waves, nuclear or air contamination, war or any act of aggression and other acts of God, or for losses recoverable under homeowner insurance, manufacturer and/or contractor warranties or service contracts, etc.

Claim Procedure

Prior to any repair work, the ACSI home inspection client must notify the ACSI office that performed the inspection in writing during the term of this Guarantee. ACSI will advise the client on the repair completion procedure. In cases where the condition makes the house uninhabitable, ACSI may authorize, by telephone, reasonable emergency repairs. Any repairs made prior to notification and authorization by ACSI will void this Guarantee with respect to the element or component so repaired. ACSI assumes no liability for a recurrence of a settled claim condition. IN THE EVENT THAT A DISPUTE ARISES BETWEEN THE CLIENT AND ACSI, AS TO ACSI LIABILITY UNDER THIS GUARANTEE, SUCH DISPUTE WILL BE PRESENTED TO THE AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION, AT CLIENT’S EXPENSE, FOR RESOLUTION. THE DECISION OF THE ARBITRATOR APPOINTED THEREUNDER SHALL BE FINAL AND BINDING AND JUDGEMENT OF THE AWARD MAY BE ENTERED INTO ANY COURT OF COMPETENT JURISDICTION.


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