Buyers, Prepare for your Home Purchase and…
Don’t forget the Home Inspection.

If you are buying a home there are several things you can do to make the transaction go more smoothly.

I have developed this list to assist you with the process.

  • Use a Realtor, not just a real estate agent. Realtors typically have more training, are held to higher ethical standards and have access to information and tools that other real estate agents do not.
  • Take photos of the exterior and interior of homes you are viewing. This will help you remember certain aspects of the homes and can document what is installed in the home. (Sometimes sellers take ceiling fans and appliances with them. If you have photos you can prove what was there when you looked at the home.)
  • Get an appraisal.
  • Get a disclosure statement and a property fax report (or Clue report).
  • Check for HOA fees and CC&Rs. (Some areas have restrictions that may find you in a home that you can not use as intended.)
  • Check on Property taxes, current assessment and make sure back taxes have been paid.
  • Has the home been altered, additions, remodeling, or had foundation repairs?  Were permits obtained and inspections performed?
  • Make sure you know what is included in the transaction. (Washer/Dryer, Refrigerator etc.)
  • Hire a competent home inspector, Click here for information on how to select a home inspector.
  • Click here to learn what common defects are found on Arizona Home Inspections.
  • Have a Termite inspection.
  • Learn about Home Warranties and what they cover.
  • Get a title report and title insurance.
  • Check on homeowners insurance.  There may be issues found in the home inspection like knob and tube, or aluminum wiring that your insurance will charge extra for, if they will cover it at all.
  • ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS AND DOCUMENT THE ANSWERS. Only foolish buyers don’t ask questions.  (Ask about utility bills, crime, issues with the home, history of repairs, etc.)

If we can assist you by helping with your Home Inspection or letting you know how to select your home inspector, please let us know.

 We want to be your Home Inspector

This home buyer’s checklist may be photocopied or reproduced for individual use, providing that it is reproduced in its entirety and is not altered in any way.  Multiple reproduction of any part of this Home Buyer’s Checklist or inclusion in any material for publication or resale is permissible only with prior written permission from ACSI.

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