Home Inspection, Scottsdale

I perform Home Inspections in Scottsdale as well as across the valley.

Scottsdale is one of the most interesting places to perform home inspections because you never know what you are going to get.

Is this a 1,200 square foot home built in the 70s?

Is it something a little larger?

Or is it a 10,000 square foot home that has a bridge that goes to the Master bedroom?

When looking for a home inspector in Scottsdale it is important to make sure the inspector understands they type of home you are looking at.
If you are buying a mansion and the inspector is used to looking at small homes, they may be overwhelmed. If you are buying a small home and the inspector is used to looking at mansions, then your home may not seem worth their time.

It is also important for the inspector to understand the severity of the issues involved. For example this photo is of some staining under a roof patio cover.
If this was a concrete tile roof repairs to the roof would cost about $600, with a clay tile roof repairs are closer to $1,600.
This home had more than one home inspection. The home inspector before me made a big issue out of this roof issue and I don’t blame them. The roof needed to be fixed.

However, this pool looks great at first glance.

This pool had calcium nodules in several locations, it had cracks in the finish, the pump and filter as well as the plumbing leaked and while the other home inspector simply recommended further evaluation, I determined during my home inspection that this pool needed over $38,000 in repairs.
That is a huge deal for most people. (well maybe not people that are spending $ million case on a home.

The bottom line is if you need a home inspection in Scottsdale, hire someone comfortable and qualified to inspect the property you are looking at so you can sit on the patio and enjoy this.

Scott Warga, is the Qualifying party for ACSI American Construction Specialists and Investigations LLC,(ROC216772) a dual licensed residential and small commercial contractor. He is also a qualified Phoenix home inspector certified by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration (#38062) and was appointed to the Arizona Board of Technical Registration’s Enforcement Advisory Committee. He has years of construction experience and has performed residential home inspections and commercial property inspections for over 10 years. He has specialized in forensic inspections, investigating failed, damaged and defective construction for over 5 years. He is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), (#205826) and currently sits on their board of directors. He has been an instructor of home inspection at Mesa Community College, for Inspection Training Associates, a Kaplan Professional School and Arizona Sun-Tech Home Inspection School. He has served as District Chairman & Vice President for the Arizona chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors and an approved instructor for both them and the Arizona Department of Real Estate. If you need an Arizona Home Inspector, he is your guy.

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