Home Inspection Re-Inspection Policy

If we performed the home inspection, we will perform Re-Inspections.

A re-inspection is typically done after the buyer (or their bank) has requested repairs and the seller states the repairs have been performed.

Our re-inspection policy and fee schedule.

The first re-inspection of up to 8 items* is $75. (if we can do it at our leisure within 7 days of the re-inspection request. If we have to schedule a specific time to do the re-inspection it is $100 for the first 8 items.
9-16 items is an additional $75
Additional $75 for each additional 8 items*

If a mileage fee applied to the original home inspection, the same mileage fee will be charged for the re-inspection.

Second Re-Inspection is $100 for up to 8 items and $75 for each additional 8 items.*

Payment is due within 24 hours of when the the re-inspection report is sent or we will add $50 to the invoice and send it to escrow for payment.

It is important to note that while the inspector may be able to tell if work has been performed, they will not be able to guarantee the work was done properly or how long it will hold up. There are two reasons for this;
1: The contractor did the work so they are responsible for it.
2: The only way for a Home Inspector to verify most repairs are done properly is to be there while it is being repaired or tear the item apart and put it back together. (This is not likely and depending on the issue may be prohibited by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors

ACSI will provide a brief re-inspection report that will list the items inspected and identify any that issues that the inspector feels were not repaired or corrected properly.

ACSI must be provided with a copy of the agreed to repairs so we know exactly what the agreed upon repairs are.

It is important to make sure you are asking for and getting the repair you want. If this is a low slope roof covered with rolled roofing and the home inspector says the roof is at the end of its life, has evidence of leaks, and will need replacement in the near future. Have a competent licensed roofing contractor perform further evaluation and repairs as needed.

You can ask for the roof to be repaired
Ask for the roof to be replaced.
You can have your own roofer check out the roof and recommend repairs or let the seller do it.
Ask the sellers to make the roof water tight. (I had one where the old roof was simply painted with white roof paint to make it water tight, never-mind what they painted was already past the end of its life.)

*A item is a specific defect from the home inspection, not a group of defects.  (i.e. If there are broken roof tiles, improperly installed roof files and improper flashing’s that is 3 items)


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