Home Inspection Protection Plan

Our 30 Day Home Inspection Protection Plan For Only $39.00…

This Is Only Available At The Time Of Scheduling The First Home Inspection

ACSI Is Proud to offer “The Home Inspection Protection Plan”. This plan allows the buyer to have a 2nd home inspection at NO ADDITIONAL COST on a similar sized/type of home within 30 days of the original home inspection if the deal on the first home falls apart for ANY REASON.

To put it into other words, if you don’t buy the home for any reason (appraisal goes bad, negotiations fall apart, financing issues, etc…), ACSI will not charge you for the second home inspection if you schedule the inspection with us within 30 days of your original first inspection and using the same agent. After the 30 days, standard pricing will apply, however if you schedule the inspection within the next 30 days we will discount our fee by $39.00.

The free home inspection does not include any additional services that may have been purchased during the first inspection, such as a termite inspection, radon testing, etc, and standard pricing will apply to those additional services if purchased on the second inspection. (Mileage fees are not included) The second inspection is valued at the same fee as the first inspection, If the second inspection would normally have a higher fee, you will be charged for the difference.

To Schedule Your Home Inspection Call 480-636-7400 or book online using the link at the top of this page.

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