Home Inspection Does not Include Underground Sewer Lines

Scoping the sewer line is not part of a standard Home Inspection

I frequently suggest to my home inspection customers that they may wish to have the sewer line scoped to check for damage or debris in the line.Sewer not part of Phoenix Home Inspection

Some will ask me “Isn’t the sewer part of the home inspection?” The answer is yes and no.

During a home inspection I flush toilets, run faucets, tubs and showers. I estimate I run about 50 gallons of water during a normal home inspection. Water will flow through most any obstacle course, solids and debris do not.

I do not, lets say, “field test” the toilets. I simply can not bring enough bananas with me to flush to see how the drain lines handle debris. If I did, and the line clogged, you know I would be blamed.

Home Inspections are visual, sewer lines are not

Home inspectors conduct visual inspections of what can bee seen. Items concealed in walls or underground are not included. I do recommend you locate the main sewer line and see if you can determine where it runs. Look for plants (Like big mesquite trees) that have roots that search for any sign of moisture.

If you have any trees or plants by the sewer line, I recommend you have a plumbing company come out and run a video scope down the drain and inspect the condition.

If you are in an older part of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler or Gilbert, it is now possible to replace the old clay lines without digging them up.

Remember if you do need  a home inspection, please give us a call.

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