Garet Denise

Garet_20Denise1Garet’s earliest memories are of his father adding onto every house the family owned. A technical aptitude during high school and an interest in buildings and construction led to a college education in an environment filled with far too many nerds and far too few women. In this environment, Garet was doomed to become a nerd himself, eventually earning a master’s degree in civil engineering. He has been a licensed engineer since 1991, with a specialty in foundation engineering (yes sadly, a “dirt nerd”).

Garet began doing inspections on heavy construction sites in 1984. Working for an international consulting engineering company, he helped design and build highways, skyscrapers, bridges, dams, tunnels and landslide repairs as far away as Indonesia.

Garet got tired of the globe-trotting lifestyle and started Cornerstone Inspection in 2000 to keep him safely in Denver, Colorado.

Garet Denise, PE

Cornerstone Inspection, LLC
2575 S. Carey Way
Denver, CO 80222
303-757-1483 Fax

You can find Garet on the web at

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