Foam Roof Inspection by Phoenix Home Inspector

When performing a home inspection the inspector must also look at the roof.
Here are some of the things an inspector must consider while evaluating a foam roof.

I like Foam roofs, They provide additional insulation, reflect heat and are a great moisture barrier, however, all roof need maintenance. As a Home Inspector I must look at all the issues, identify them and advise the client how to address them.

Please forgive the video quality, I couldn’t find someone that wanted to stand on the roof with me in 110 degree heat to make a video.

We perform Home inspections, roof inspections commercial inspections and forensic inspections in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe and the greater Phoenix Arizona area.

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  1. Good video Scott. I have to say that a foam roof is something I’ve never had experience with here in GA or in Indiana. Let me ask a stupid question. Why do they use so many flat roofs in the west?

    • We don’t get snow and we get little rain. Lumber is expensive since we don’t have many trees. (see the no rain part)

      Flat roofs (actually low slope roofs) are inexpensive efficient and allow you to make use of your roof for a deck or equipment like the air conditioning unit.

      The Foam roofs typically have 2-4 inches of foam sprayed on the roof deck that insulates the roof.

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