FHA may require inspection

FHA May Require a Home Inspection on Flipped houses

You read that right.

Its all over the web that the FHA has waived the 90 rule they  recently implmented, however when they made the waiver, they threw in a  few items to make sure they didn’t finance a big pile of rubble.

One of those provisions is that if the home sells for 20% more than  the seller paid for it, THE LENDER HAS TO ORDER A HOME INSPECTION. Now  the lender can charge the borrower for the inspection but that does not  change the lender is the one the home inspector is hired by.

Don’t take my word for it, go to HUD’s website and see for your self.


This could open a big can of worms, now an agent may have to disclose that the seller just purchased the home and what it was purchased for.  Was it less than 90 days ago? if so you want to be familiar with the  document on the HUD site.

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