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Q. Are Arizona Home Inspectors Licensed by the state?

A. Arizona Home Inspectors are certified by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration (BTR) They are required to have a minimum of 80 hours of classroom education, Pass the National Home Inspectors Examination (NHIE) and an FBI background check. Arizona Inspectors are not required to get continuing education however members of The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) are required to get a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education every year.

Q How do I know if my inspector is state certified? Phoenix Home Inspector Scott Warga Arizona certification number is 38062

A. You can find out by searching the AZ BTR web site here You can also check to see if they are a member of ASHI by looking here. Phoenix Home Inspector Scott Warga ASHI certification number is 205826

Q. What does a home inspector look at?

A. Home Inspectors in Arizona are required at a minimum to follow the Standards of Practice that were adopted by the Arizona ASHI Chapter and adopted by the AZ BTR. The standards can be viewed here.

Q. Do I have to be present at the inspection?

A. The short answer is No, however it is strongly recommended. Most home inspectors will not only show you the problems they find with the home but they can provide helpful tips on maintenance, contractors, what needs to be repaired and proper operation of the homes components. In addition Arizona Home Inspectors are required to have a signed inspection agreement before they deliver a report, if you did not get an agreement before the inspection, sign it and return it to the home inspector then the inspector is not legally allowed to provide you with a report.

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