Dont Drain That Pool in the Summer

I am a home inspector in the phoenix area and I inspect swimming pools as part of a professional home inspection. Many times I spend more time educating the clients about how to maintain a pool than it takes to inspect the pool.

Lately there have been a lot of bank owned pools that have been let go and some even have been drained.
This causes a huge issue.

The plaster in the pool is kept moist by the water in the pool. The water in the pool changes temperature very slowly thereby keeping the plaster at a fairly consistent temperature. The water creates a constant pressure against the plaster while there is water in the pool. Draining the pool releases the pressure and allows the plaster to dry, but that is not the big issue.

When you drain a Arizona pool in the summer time, the plaster is exposed to the sun and the heat. As the plaster heats it expands. This expansion can cause the plaster shell to separate, crack or delaminate from the concrete base. The plaster is applied by hand so some areas are thinner or thicker than others and some areas if the pool will get more sun than others so the expansion occurs at different speeds.

If you have a green pool it can be cleaned, but you may want to get professional help.

If you have to many total dissolved solids (TDS) the pool can be partially drained and filled at night or just wait until the temps are below the 70s and do it all at once.

Pools cost enough to maintain without adding to the expense because you drained it at the wrong time of year.

I can sometimes tell when someone has bought a home that had a pool drained and then tries to fill it and make it work.

Damage found during a home inspection

Look closely at the photo. See the cracks? Look at the bottom right corner and you will see where the plaster has been patched.

This pool bottom looked good however about one foot up there was a ring around the pool and all the cracks and patches were above this ring. It didn’t take long to determine what happened.

If you need help maintaining your pool, Leslie’s pool supply has some pool tips on their site

Or you can hire a pool guy to maintain it for you.

If the damage is already done call CDC pools to find out what it will take to get you back in the water.

(I receive no compensation from anyone I refer)

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