Do you have time for the Inspection

Did You Plan Time For Your Home Inspection

In the last week I have had 4 different people call me to schedule Home inspections that all wanted the inspection the next day.

Don't wait to schedule your home inspection

I felt bad when they told me they only have a 5 day inspection period instead of the standard 10 days, or when they told me they were already on day 8 of their 10 day inspection period.

I want to help these people, but I can’t, I am booked.

The average home inspection takes about 3 hours, add in the travel time, report writing time, (not to mention marketing, accounting, scheduling, re-inspections, etc) and two inspections a day add up to about 12 hours of work each day.

In the current market there are several Phoenix area homes being sold every day, if the inspector you want has 4 inspections booked, you will likely have to wait 3 days for your home inspection.

Do not wait to book your home inspection

The Real Estate Market Is Rebounding. I have been running non-stop since December. People are getting multiple offers on homes and frequently getting over the asking price.

Because of this, it is now normal for the quality home inspectors in the Phoenix area to be booked 3 days out. That means you need to call and schedule the home inspection as soon as you know your offer is accepted. If the appraiser can get out there in a day or two, that is great but you still need the home inspection as soon as possible.

Here is one of the issues that many people do not understand, Home Inspectors are generalists. Most home inspectors, when they find something even questionable, will tell you to call a licensed contractor or engineer. If that happens during your inspection, you will need to have that professional/specialist come out within your 10 day inspection period as well.

This is very difficult to do when the home inspection occurs on day 8 or 9 of your 10 day inspection period.

Some inspections take more time

If you want a mold test you can expect the  results to take 24-72 hours depending on the day and time the tests are taken.Home Inspector finds borken truss

Do you want a radon test, these take a minimum of 48 hours and you will likely need to wait another 24 for the results.

Do you need an engineer to look at damaged trusses in the attic? It will likely take a day or two for the engineer to get to the property and another day or two for them to draft the repair.

What Can a Home Buyer Do?

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • When drafting the contract ask your agent to extend the inspection period to 15 days
  • Find a qualified home inspector as soon as the offer is accepted. (To learn how to select a home inspector click here)
  • Get the appraisal as soon as possible. (There may not be a reason to inspect the home if it isn’t going to appraise for the purchase price.)
  • Verify the utilities are ALL ON for the home inspection. You do not want to be 5 days into your inspection period and find out the gas and/or power has been turned off. (This has delayed several home inspections in the last two months)
  • Be present at the home inspection. This allows the inspector to explain what the issues are and how they should be addressed
  • Be prepared for the inspector to find some things wrong. (For a list of common issues found on home inspections click here)

These few simple steps can relive a lot of stress if you follow them.

If you are looking for a Phoenix area home Inspector, Please consider ASCI. We take a little longer on our inspections and since we are licensed contractors we can perform some of the further evaluation during the inspection, thereby saving you time.

To contact ACSI American Construction Specialists & Investigations LLC call 480-636-7400 or visit us at



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