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Home Inspection or Construction Dispute Resolution

Finding the truth and working out the details.

ACSI is experienced in working with property owners and contractors to settle construction related disputes. We are also experienced in settling cases in mediation with and without attorneys. See our testimonials.

Sometimes two or more parties just cannot seem to resolve their differences. The property owner thinks their building is falling down and wants the contractor to buy it back and the contractor offers to repair the damage with paint and caulk.

Typically this leads to one side contacting an attorney and trying to sue the other. There are alternatives.

The Registrar of contractors may be able to assist; however when going that route it is important to explain or describe the real issue and not just mention the symptoms. If you have walls cracking, doors binding, windows that don’t latch or close and cracked floor tile these may all be symptom of a bigger issue, foundation movement. Now you need to determine why the movement is occurring. Is it a soils issue (expansive or poorly compacted) , a water related issue (grading and drainage or a sub slab leak) or a different cause? If you only mention the symptoms in your complaint, then the symptoms are all the Registrar will address. It is not the Registrar of Contractors job to determine what is wrong with the property.

Attorneys can be helpful but unless the repairs on your home are going to be over $40,000 it may be cost prohibitive to hire an attorney. Sure you can ask for fees and costs but our experience has shown that rarely are 100% of those fees awarded.

So here is the alternative… Hire ACSI.

We can inspect the property and let you know what the issues are and what the related damages are.

We can assist in determining who should be responsible. (Sometimes well meaning homeowners create the issues without knowing it)

We can work with both parties to try and come to a resolution. (This saves both parties money)

We can assist the Registrar of Contractors with their inspection and help them understand the issues. (not just the symptoms)ª

If the attempt to settle is not successful, you will already have the information the attorney needs to start.

This service is not free but typically cost much less than hiring an attorney and we have had success in resolving most cases within 90 days.

Please understand we are not offering legal representation and we are not attorneys. However we have had attorneys refer smaller cases to us to attempt to settle and have been successful in doing so.

We are not responsible for making the decisions, each party is, we simply facilitate the discussion and work for the most reasonable effective repair or settlement.

If you have a property with construction defects, or if you are a contractor that feels the property owner is being unreasonable. Contact us and see if we can help.

ª The Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) only has authority over work that has been performed in the last two years. For additional information visit www.azroc.gov

For information about what is wrong with the construction dispute resolution process read our blog.

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